About the book

Small image of the cover for The New InstabilityToday’s business environment seems to have been turned upside-down. Markets are breaking in two with some companies thriving while others flounder. Black swans – rare, extreme and disruptive events – seem to be occurring every year or so, not every few generations. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the consumer electronics industry where Apple is repeatedly setting record profits, driving it to become one of the largest publicly traded companies in the world while solid, reliable companies are finding it challenging to make any money at all. We’re all struggling to navigate our way through this turbulence to find the calm on the other side of the storm.

The New Instability shows you why there will be no calm after this storm, and provides you with the insight and practical advice you need to survive.

The first part of The New Instability shows why today’s turbulent business environment is not a passing phase, a rough patch to ride through on our way to the next calm period of business as usual. The book highlights the three major shifts in business that have resulted in the turbulent environment we find ourselves in today, and explains why we can expect this turbulence to be a permanent condition.

The second part provides an analysis of what these shifts mean and how they will affect how we think about and manage our businesses. Concrete examples are used to illustrate these complex issues and render them understandable. The insights gained and conclusions drawn provide the reader with the tools and techniques required to understand and navigate the challenging environment in which we find ourselves.

The New Instability takes a practical and jargon-free approach to provide you with the skills you need to succeed in today’s challenging environment. It is a key book to read, to learn from, and, most of all, to change one’s perspective.