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It is unlike books like Nicholas Carr’s “The Shallows” and Thomas Friedman & Michael Mandelbaum’s “That Used to Be Us” which have gently and persuasively indicated the path on which we are traveling, where we have come from, our current position, the perils that surround us, and our likely destination. Such tomes have identified the challenges and behaviors that this new world order evokes.

Peter Evans-Greenwood goes much further. His book challenges the scalability and structure of the current industrial model, based as it is on an imbalanced focus on asset ownership and process improvement through extreme measurement (the current though Victorian approach to manufacturing efficiency devised by Frederick W. Taylor). In order to survive and grow these concepts have to be more than just revised, they have to be rejected. Businesses will have to be deconstructed with many of the functions distributed and externally resourced. “The New Instability” provides grist for the mill, it forces the reader to think as the author confronts established wisdom and illustrates its redundancy.

Colin Hope-Murry
The New Instability – Book Review